What’s Our Clients Say

“I got the guys in to replace my pool blanket and chlorinator which had died after years of service. They did a great job, didn’t leave a mess and serviced my pool at the same time. Very professional and great value for money.”

- Wesley O’Brien

“I would use Dunsborough Pool & Spa again! They started and finished when they said they would. They showed up on time and on schedule. The technician was fantastic; He always called me when he said he would or within a short time of me calling him or leaving a message…”

- Patrick James

“After getting lots of differing advice and quotes from other pool shops for my broken Pool Light, I finally called Dunsborough Pool & Spa and spoke to Donna. She advised me over the phone, gave me some prices and was extremely helpful. A new light was installed within days.”

- Damien Eacott

“I had been using a different service company that I was not very happy with, but the guys from Dunsborough Pool & Spa did a great job. They’re always on time, take care of everything and their pricing is very fair.”

- Callum Austin

“We have been very pleased with Dunsborough Pool & Spa. They are very professional and we always get a detailed list of everything they had done to our pool in the invoice. They do a great job and are very easy to work with. We love the new pool blanket on the Elite bench seat roller system.”

- Pamella Jean

“The Dunsborough Pool & Spa tech came to our pool today for the first time and was very knowledgeable! He did a great job, not only explaining how to care for our pool but showing us as well. We had him scheduled for 10am and that’s when he arrived.”

- Colin Whitworth

“Always professional, they have been fabulous in solving various pool issues that we’ve faced. We have been using them for a few years now and we highly recommend their service techs!!!”

- Christine Osborn

“They were professional and informative on the phone. We agreed quickly on a price and service day. There was no pressure or contract, just good service. They came weekly and we are really pleased with their service.”

- Kim Richmond